Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A loss to the French School

It is currently 3rd sport season at SAS.  That means soccer, track and field, softball, and badminton.  Quinn secured herself a position on the JV soccer team and was a leader on the field during the 3-0 loss to the French school.  It was a big day of losses because she also lost her cell phone - actually left it on the bus.  After a few days of investigation it was discovered that the bus driver found it and gave it to some kid named Samantha who has had it at home for a few days now.  Hopefully Quinn will get it back tomorrow.

Soccer isn't as popular for the girls as one would believe.  They didn't cut anyone and have 16 girls on varsity and 16 on JV.  Quinn was asked to play with the varsity girls on Saturday and anticipates that may happen more often.  As for now, she is comfortable where she is.

The badminton team here is pretty good - especially the boys.  About 50 of them showed up for try outs and 8 of those made varsity and 8 JV.  They all have experience and are fairly talented at this quick game.  It is very entertaining to watch as footwork and quickness is the name of the game.  We played Pudong last week and although we beat them solidly (42-6) their top player, an Asian fellow named Roland, was the athlete to watch.

Quinn has a double header this Saturday and we are looking forward to watching both games.  One of the massive perks about living where we do is the proximity to school makes participating in the various activities very easy.  Quinn and her buddies are raising money for the Relay for Life.  I'll have to have her fill in on that....

Bridget has been sick for two full weeks.  Just before Aunt Joan left, Bridget led the Crosser girls on her own version of the Butaan Death March.  They covered nearly 8 miles through the guts of the Zhudi Town market, chickens, eggs, viggies, stinky tofu, closthes, the jam-packed bartering, and out through the antique market toward the Xujing Dong train station then along the highway to Hokers - the totally AWESOME food and kitchen supply store to buy a bread knife.  The funny thing (although not that funny to Aunt Joan) was that Hokers is actually only about 1 mile from where we live, but they took the 8 mile circuitous route - no hyperbole - 8 miles, I measured it on Google Earth.  Any how it was cold and raining throughout the duration of this march and when they finally got home, Bridget seemed to have caught a cold.
  We got her to bed early only to see her wake up wednesday morning with a raging fever and belly aches.  Aunt Joan sadly left on Thurday but Bridget was still knocked out.  By Friday we took Mirjam up on her offer and used their driver to get Bridget to the doc.  Gastroentinitus - or massive stomach flu was the call.  Lots of rest and fluids.  Monday, same old same old.  Tuesday, Oma left (with some tears) but same old same old for bridget.  She was slamming the gatorades but still feeling dehydrated and just down and out.  Couldn't eat a thing.  By Friday it was a bit concerning.  Folks around here told us (and I believe it) that what hits in china will last twice as long...just because.  I guess that offered some relief to me, but not to bridget.
  Since she wasn't eating, she wasn't taking much insulin.  But when she would it was like she was no longer a diabetic - bam hypoglycema kicks in - we had a record night with 11 smarties, two large glasses of chocolate milk, 2 cups of juice, and a four hour ordeal just to get back to normal. Saturday, Sunday, and she was able to get out of the house for Quinn's soccer games and an unsuccessful search for the Shanghai Farmers Market.
  Monday she had to work a full day at school ending with a private lesson with Mia Kidd.  She managed well but crashed right after dinner.  Today, same deal, but she is looking even a bit better.  Still, not all that sweet to be dealing with here in China.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so sorry for quinn's losses, but at least one ended with a righteous find...that's so cool that the bus driver gave her cell phone to samantha, who probably promptly forgot she had it :) a good ending anyways!

I am so sorry for little briddy and wish with all my heart that milo and i could be there to nurse her back to health. (Milo's really good at it). Note to selves: no more 8 mile rain walks, no matter who is visiting!!!
auntie jenn