Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gotta love the longguo

The fruit in Zhudi town is pretty good.  The dragon fruit has become a favorite.  It is Red and about the size of a grapefruit but it has these leaves that come off of it and I guess that is where the name dragon comes from becasue it looks like it has scales.  However, when you cut it open it is white with black polka dots and tastes like a mellon.  Fresh, it is very tasty.  I prefer it for breakfast, but like all fruit, it is fine all times of the day.
  The gua, or guo, pronounced gwa, is the suffix for many fruit. For example, nangua is pumpkin.  Nan is south so I take it that Nan gua, or pumpkin, is the southern fruit, or maybe the southern mellon.  Those of you mandarin experts out there can correct me.  The pumpkin here is plenty good and tasty...for eatin, not for carvin.  During halloween we tried to find a good "nangua" to make a jack-o-lantern outa but none to be had.  They are smaller, very firm, and like I said, plenty tasty.  We have had our fair share of pumpin soup.
  This year being the year of the dragon, I leanred to say long - dragon quite a bit.  I had been recently turned on to dragon fruit and upon a visit to the fruit dude, pieced together dragon + mellon  = long guo, and low and behold, he produced the fruit I sought.

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