Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Giving Tree

Bridget visited a local school with the Giving Tree group from SAS.  Parents and teachers put in a hell of a lot of hours gathering donated gifts to package for local youth.  Families at SAS were given info about local families in need - # of kids, sizes, what not and asked to purchase or donate items that fit the need.  For us it was an amusing little outing into the Zhudi town market to buy clothes for the family we were assigned.  The chinese clothes in the market here are affordable and we were able to stuff our bag full.

   Bridget worked with other parents and teachers organizing the literally hundreds of bags - no small task - and joined in on distribution day to one of the schools.  The kids were in matching parkas which they wore in the classroom because the windows had no glass, just holes in the brick.  Of course there is no heat and no air conditioning.  So in the warmer months the temperature hits the high 90's and in the winter it dips into the teens, but the learning still goes on.

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