Tuesday, February 21, 2012

China Habitat for Humanity Build Yunnan 2012

Bridget and I will be leaders for a Habitat for Humanity build from March 30 - April 6th just outside of Pu'er in Yunnan Province.  One cool thing about this is that we will fly into Kunming on the 30th and take a 6 hour bus ride to Pu'er.  The 6 hour bus ride isn't cool, but the fact that we get to go to Kunming is!!  Those of you (especially the Boucks and any S. Grant St. Fold) in the know, know that the absolutley wonderful park down the street from us and accross the street from the Boucks is called City of Kunming Park.  It even has a series of these huge boulders that were supposedly flown in from Kunming. Now we get to go there!!

The H4H program at SAS is thriving.  Each Break (fall, spring, christmas, summer, chinese New Year) a few crews travel to various locations around the globe and offer the physical labor to assist in building a house.  The leader of all this is a math teacher (of course) named Rob Burke - a very energetic guy who has built this massive program here.

So we have about 18 students - including Josephine and Quinn, and three chaperones - Bridget, Me, and Jane Zu (who happens to be Josephine's Chinese instructor) and we are in the initial planning stages of our trip.  We are stoked for what seems to be a heck of an adventure for spring Break.!!!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds amazing! It seems the universe figured out how to get a little bit of s. grant st. to Kunming :)! so proud of you guys!
Auntie Jenn

Anonymous said...

sure hope bridget is better by now. Did you get the napkins?

Joan said...

That last one was from me. Aunt joan. Nancy is here and I'm trying to show her how to send a comment.