Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMA ARRIVES!!...Finally!! 1/5/2011

We sure are happy to have Oma come stay with us for the next 6 weeks.  Even though she took the curious route from Denver through San Francisco and Chicago, she made it here with her luggage on 5 days behind her!!  United Airlines struggle a bit to find out where her luggage was after they sent her around the world, but all finally made it.

Oma Parties with SAS Math Department

Oma in the trendy Xiantiandi District
Those first few days were rough because she only had one set of clothes.  So we marched her on down to the local Zhudi Town shopping area and outfitted her in true Chinese clothes.  Communist pants, flowery sweater, and underwear with dragons!  She is all settled in and safe now and part of the family.
Oma and Josephine rest after a long day
Oma tries to get in to a game of cards with the local Zhudi
Town crowd
   She has been to school and met Josephine's teacher, and many of my colleagues.  She is fitting right in.    Bridget is working with a group staging a dance about foot binding.  Oma tagged along and gave the kids a talking-to about musical expression.  During my own evaluation and post-observation meeting last week, I was told that yeah my teaching was fine but I sure have a neat mother!  How well-adjusted she is!!

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Anonymous said...

i sure hope that China is ready for Oma!!! and soon Aunt Joan too!!!
auntie jenn