Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day in the music Store

Sunday Morning we wake up and pack 5 of us in the taxi to the subway station and take the metro to East Nanjing and walk to the greatest street in Shanghai, Jinling Lu, home of a zillion music stores.  Auntie Jenn has graciously offered to buy Oma a musical instrument for Christmas so we need to peruse the stores so Oma can find an instrument she likes - probably some kind of traditional piece that reflects Chinese Culture. We start off in a small shop and Oma is learning the Erhu - or two string.  It has two strings connected to a drum and you play it like a violin, except that it has no fret board.

We visit a few more shops and end up in this violin store where these two gentlemen are playing violin.  They are masters and the music is tremendous.  We pop in and listen for a while.  Then, one of the gentlemen offers his violin t


learn to play violin said...

I am a music teacher and i want to found a good instrument which helpful in my music class.Violin is a good instrument of music but it will difficult to learn for a new student who is not aware of playing.

Anonymous said...

I just hope oma gets an instrument she will cherish and be able to play...but then again, she learned the harp in her 60s so i'm sure she's game for anything :)
auntie jenn