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Bridget's Birthday: 11/25/2011

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Still Life: Bust, Bowl, and Palette
Bridget's Birthday was the day after Thanksgiving.  The girls had planned to take her shopping to Pearl market for a necklace, West Nanjing for shoes, The Picasso Exhibit, and to Jean-Georges for Dinner.  This was to be a survey of all that Shanghai has to offer.  We took off after a long morning of skyping the east coast. The Pearl market is this giant two story building featuring shops of every type and tons of rip-off merchandise  - e.g. Ping golf clubs for $50 that aren't really Ping golf clubs.  It is understand that you will barter for your best price.  We started with Sunglasses which where going for 50 RMB and I said 10 as Quinn said 15.  The shop keeper looked at me and asked, "Why would I give them to you for 10 when your daughter said 15?  So we paid 15 for a pair of sunglasses for Bridget.  We found a necklace and headed to West Nanjing.  In my little world, West Nanjing is Cherry Creek North on massive steroids.  Bridget got a custom fit of Nike running shoes from the store that seemed to be much more about fashion than running, but the shoes are good and fit her well.  Lunch at Wagas, the girls favorite italian noodle joint and off we go to see Picasso.
B & Q contemplate
"Woman Sitting on a Red Armchair." 
   The exhibit is the largest traveling Picasso exhibit in the world and I've never seen anything like it.  Apparently Friday evenings is NOT the time to view the exhibit in Shanghai so we nearly had the place to ourselves for the evening.  It was at the world expo side for 2010 which is in the process of being converted to a large art exhibition center.  Although not heated inside, it was a few hours well spent.  The highlights, were "Sleeping Woman, Paulo drawing, Head of Bull, and woman sitting on a red armchair (see below) (really to name a few, there were quite a bit of favorites to be had.)
   So we leave the expo in time to get to Jean-Georeges on the Bund in time for our reservation at 7:00.  We arrive and are escorted to our table over looking the Huang Pu.  The view is spectacular.  Now I had researched this place and although pricy I figured we could get out of there without losing the coats off our backs.  However, when the fixed price menu was delivered at $150 a head, I knew our kids would not eat their worth and I was not bargaining for that.  So we non-chalantly slipped out and over the river to a more affordable Italian joint that Bridget took me for my birthday.  Much more our type, but it was fun to see the inside of "the other side!"

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