Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why buy art work when you can paint it yourself?

Bridget works late into the night on the 2nd edition (on the right) of "The Life Series."
Quinn's "Untitled" Finally gets hung on our wall.
In late September the girls bought a bunch of canvasses and began painting.  We finally got these hung on our walls!  These paintings now decorate our walls.  I had to borrow a drill from my neighbor. Our walls are all cement so it was a loud hole to bore.  We've got a neighbor who smokes cigs and often the smell sneaks into our apartment. It is rather unpleasant.  Perhaps my drilling was bothering my indoor cig smoking neighbor. Regardless, we've now got some good art on the wall and by the end of the day tomorrow we'll have more.

Quinn had her second oral surgery today.  She's had these impacted canines that we've been watching mis-behave for the past few years and here in China things had finally gotten to be too much.  SO we found a good ortho, Dr. Ian, and a good oral surgeon, Dr. Gao, and now Quinn has a better mouth.

Currently, it is 10:40 PM (Day of surgery) and Quinn is hovered over 9  canvases painting something yellow.  I guess we'll find out later what it is.  I'm sure I could ask but the mystery is nice.  She has a beach theme in her room.

Ok, so now it is 12:40 early Sunday Morning and Quinn is finishing up and it is a glass of Lemonade. I'm tired and it is late and it is time for bed.

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