Saturday, November 19, 2011

Organic Food and Farm in Shanghai

We've been eating fresh organic produce from Tony's farm since early September.  We got a deal where we paid up front ($15 a week for a the math).  Anyhow, we get great lettuce, spinach, cabbage, onions, garlic, ginger, interesting collection of potatoes, mushrooms, and a few unknowns delivered in a box each week.  It's nice and it's local and it's healthy.
Awesome Grow box, and this one was just for display
Josephine and Quinn pick their own lettuce and spinach
    Now although e have seen vegies everywhere we also have heard plenty about the pesticides and fertilizers that local growers use.  When we were in Zhouzhang we saw most people washing their vegies in the river that was the main canal in town - not the most sanitary thing.  Then they'd let the vegies dry on the sidewalk right outside their cafe and they'd try to lure you into their place by pointing at the vegies drying on the ground and give you a look like, "Ymm, these are good come on in and eat them."  Although they looked good, the canal-wash did not.  Made us glad we get tony's.
   So we had an opportunity the other day to visit Tony's farm and try the organic goods.  Rachel, the gal from Tony's who spoken very broken English told us just to take the subway to the other end of town and then catch a cab.  What wasn't clear was that it was a good 50km cab ride past the end of the subway.  Live and learn and sometimes pay a lot of money along the way.
The dinner we had at Tony's...Hot Pot style
    It was very refreshing to see the farm and all the modern growing techniques that they employ.  The treat their own water on site and employ the square foot planting routine.  Plenty of composting and its CLEAN.  Their are many local workers that help out.  It is way out in the South East corner of the Shanghai peninsula.


GA Joan said...

Wow that looks delicious!! Can't wait to try some. By the way how do I see youer commercial on CNN?

Anonymous said...

Miss you all so much!!! Love hearing about your adventures.