Friday, November 11, 2011

An Interview with Quinn

An Interview with Quinn:

Quinn, tell me a little about intramural soccer.

It's like this thing thats like a tournament inside the school.  There are 4 teams in the girls league. There are four teams, Barcelona, China, Liverpool, and I don't know the other one.  I'm Liverpool.  Every Monday we play an hour and 15 minute long game against one of the other teams.  At the end of the game we tell our score to the coach.  The jersey's are REALLY large.

What # are you?


What position do you play?

We switch mostly, but I usually play midfield, once I played goalie.  Midfield is my favorite.


Because I feel like I'm in a lot of control at mid field.  When I'm on offense I feel like I have to score a lot of goals, and on defense I am the last resort to save the ball.  But in midfield I can get a little bit of everything and it is alot of running which I like.

Is it just once a week?

Yes, Every Monday from 3:00 - 4:30.

And is there other soccer this season?

I have pre-season on Wednesdays.

And what is that?

Its basically um, training, for to get ready for the actual season of soccer, which is 3rd season, this is 2nd season right now.

How many girls are on pre-season soccer?

I'd say 15 to 20?

Who is the best girl out there?

There is a girl named, I forgot, she is a sophomore.

How about you?

I'm a freshman.

Yes, but are you any good?

Yes, I'm OK.  Some of the girls are beginners, Some of them have been playing all their life.  I'm pretty comfortable playing with them.

OK, Great.

So, moving on to your friends.  Who are your friends?

Femka.  We call her PHemka, becasue she is so PHat (which means cool.)  Adrienne, Lisa, Salus, Mikaela, Alica, Natalyn, Lexi, she is from Colorado.

Is Alicia the same Alicia that I have in Geometry?

Yes, Alicia Chen.

Who esle?

Thomas Ryde, he's from Denmark, and then Josh Singh.  He is a swimmer.

Who is the funniest of this crowd?

Salus can be pretty random, which is funny.  But then I'd probably say Adrienne.  Yep.

And how are your classes?

Um, I am liking all my classes.  PHysics was hard at first, but as I keep working and getting help I understand.  All my other classes are a general repeat of what I had before.  I just finished swimming in PE.

Tell me more about PE

Every class we have to get 20 minutes in zone - like heart rate zone.  So far we've done, softball, fitness 1, swimming, and now we are on sex ed/health.

Do you feel like the PE class is getting you in good shape?

Um, actually yes I do!  I feel like I get good exercise doing it with friends.

Who is the cutest boy in the school?

Um, I think there is a jr that is really cute, but I don't know his name and I don't want to get to know him and I think he has a girlfriend.

What is your favorite class?

I love my study hall, but I like english class and Asian History.

How about art?

I love art and I have it with my friend thomas.  He and my other friend Stanly are always talking in Chinese and I don't know what they're saying.

You're turning 15 soon, what is the best part about being 14?

Um, I don't know.  I can't say I have more freedom than I did last year, but I don't.

Thanks for talking with us today Quinn!

You're welcome, thanks for interviewing me.  I'm going to do some homework.

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GAJoan said...

What a great life you're having over in China. I can't wait for you to show me all around your area when I get there, Sounds like your Christmas trip will be great fun. I hope you won't be too busy with all your friend when i'm there so we can have some fun together.It will be great seeing you all and your enviornment. Love GAJoan