Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Went to Hong Kong

I did fly to Hong Kong with the Volley ball team.  It was a bit hard to wrap my mind around this concept. Instead of throwing the kids on a bus and driving an hour to Boulder for competition, or even overnight to Glenwood Springs for a xc race in Aspen, we MET the kids at the airport, dressed in uniform we (7 coaches and 48 kids) flew to Hong Kong.  Coaches stayed at a hotel downtown and the kids each stay with a host family of a kid from the Hong Kong school.

Now although I went to Hong Kong, I mostly saw the school and my hotel room. Speaking of, my hotel room was way up on the 35th floor and was about 8 feet by 8 feet square.  My ankles hung over the side of the bed.  There was no room for anything in this room at all.   It had a killer view, though.  I definitely want to go back with Bridget when there is more time to explore the city.  We played 6 vball matches in 3 days.

Nonetheless, Hong Kong is quite a city.  Quite different from Shanghai.

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