Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quinn's Take 1

I remember when Mom and Dad first told us that we might be moving somewhere overseas, I obviously never imagined that now, today, life would feel so normal here. In fact, sometimes I even forget that I am in China, except for the constantly smoggy days. Exactly two and a half months since we got here, and it still seems like we have been here two weeks. School started, and at first I was feeling pretty lost because the schedule at the school took some getting used to, and I did not know many people. Slowly, things started to get easier, and my classes did as well. Now, at the end of the first quarter, my grades are five A’s, one B-, and one C.
The week break that our family just got back from was spent biking to the Watertown Zhou Zhuang, a small town next to a lake, which branched out into small streams that wove through the village. Long gondolas, which carried mainly tourists, came through the town often, and stone bridges went over the water. Restaurants in the city were mainly Chinese cuisine, all selling about exactly the same thing, but were two American cafĂ©’s and many snack shops. We stayed for three nights in to different hotels. On the third day, we rode to a different water town, but did not get the same feel as in Zhou Zhuang. Zhou Zhuang felt real, and was exciting with all the many types of people. Most of the people in the village stared at us, the foreign Americans, and many of the tourists took pictures of us, and with us. At first, it was embarrassing, but then Josephine and I started to have some fun with it. We were happy, and sad to leave, but on the trip home, Josephine and I mastered the art of riding our bikes with NO hands, hahahaaa. Luckily, no injuries, we got home safely. It just felt so good to be home.
On the last day of the break, I bought a bed from my friend, and also got a free desk and chair from her as well, so I was able to redo my room. Then, last night, our down comforters that Oma had sent arrived! All four of us had a very comfortable and warm sleep last night. J


jenn matuschek said...

awesome blog quinn! And i'm so glad to here you guys got your comforters!!!

Aunt joan said...

Its so great hearing the adventure from different perspectives. What fun you are all having!!!!!