Saturday, October 15, 2011

My View on China - By Josephine Matuschek. A poem written before we landed in China.


China China so far away
China China where I will stay
Fortune Cookies, beans, and rice
Boy this country is so nice
Panda Bears and Tigers wow
A little rain and some snow
The great wall is so cool
It makes you want to jump in a pool
History burned alot of books
Earthquakes Earthquakes really shook.
Confucious said, "To learn and use is a joy"
Most things are made there, even a toy
So like I said this country so great
You should really visit there and have a date
China China really pretty
it has a bunch of beautiful cities.
China China toys of fun
Not once has there been a gun


Aunt Joan, the unicorn!!! said...

Great poem ,Jo Now you'll have to write one about living there.

Jenn Matuschek said...

Love your poem Jojo!!! you are so creative and wonderful!!! I LOVE you!!!
Auntie Jenn