Saturday, October 29, 2011


Halloween time in Shanghai, in typical Chinese fashion, is celebrated by taking the one day holiday and stretching it over as many days as possible.  This year, it will span the long weekend.  The fun started last night, Friday night.  Josephine's costume is a headless horseman, without the horse.  Quinn, unfortunately had to have surgery to remove a tooth way up in the roof of her mouth so she didn't need a costume to generate any horror.  We thus didn't participate in the first day of trick or treating at the Shanghai Racket Club.  On the bright side, the surgery was a success and she just has a big hole in the roof of her mouth now.

So today was the big International fair at school, and because of the season it doubled as a halloween fair.  There were nearly 4,000 people at the school with all kinds of tents, games, vendors and tons of great food.  Bridget and I had awesome Indian Chicken, and Philly Cheese steaks made by one of the local chinese joints - go figure.

After the fair, we came home and Quinn and Femka got into their costumes - Quinn is Kesha and Femka is a gangsta.  Out we went with the headless Josephine to Rancho Santa Fe for Trick or Treating.  Rancho Santa Fe is this surreal compound of these beautiful narrow tree lines streets with Southwestern style Large single family homes.  I guess word got out that Saturday night (Tonight) the good trick or treating is at Rancho so the place was severely packed with Kids.  It is a large neighborhood so you could easily lose yourself running around searching for candy and we did.  The Kesha look is something I would ONLY let my daughter wear outside of the house on Halloween.  Good God, look at what she is wearing!

Bridget and I joined up with Eric and Mirjam (Femka's Folks) and walked with the three girls around Rancho.  Jose was receiving plenty of stares because, well, she had no head.  She also couldn't see very well and would fall down every other house.  Then while on her hands and knees she would feel all around to find her pumpkin basket that had her candy.  Is was comical for a while until she realized it was comical and hammed it all for all it was worth.

We ended the night with coffee at the Laauwen's.  Mirjam's folks are in town for a few months visiting from Holland.  We have had a few meals with them since they've been here and it is nice to visit with them.  They had just spent 4 days in Hangzhou - where bridget and I are going for 2 nights tomorrow so that was nice.  We will be traveling by train.  It is really an interesting story how this one unfolded so I'll have to share that next time.


A.Joan said...

Quinn is some gorgeous Keesha WOw!! better keep your eyes on her. Tell Quinn I had a tooth pulled out of the roof of my mouth also. Must be a family thing.

Dylan said...

Yah, me too. I still have three small holes and one large hole in my mouth due to wisdom teeth extraction adventure. And most definitely retire those pants... to me. I don't know why but I tend to wear very tight clothing for halloween. Mr. Tumnus this year.

p.s. Just got fully caught up to the blog. Yay!