Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bike Trip Pictures

Big news, Josephine learned to ride a bike with no hands.
...and so did Quinn...

The biggest difference is that in the US, when a car honks at you, it means "get out of the way!"  Here, when a car honks it means, "Hi, I see you.  Just keep going like you're going.  I'll swerve way around you.  I may go over into the oncoming traffic, but you just stay where you are.  Don't change what you're doing."

It sounds crazy, but it's true.  So you hear these horns blasting at you but you just keep riding and everything is cool.

Dig the load on this dudes bike:
After he passed, I turned back to see more folk.  There was the dude at the handlebars.  The dude on top.  Then a gaggle of kids tucked in the leaves and branches hanging on the back.

For the most part there was a good size bike lane to ride on as seen above.  Bridget and I took turns leading the ride and following behind.  No joke, Josephine was the power horse.  She got some wild hair and decided she wanted to ride fast.  No lack of energy there. 

They fish alot and they eat alot of fish.  In fact, everywhere we've gone around this town, Shanghai and all, people fish ALL over the place.  Not quite sure what they're pulling out of the waters, but they also eat alot of fish.

The common cafe has a few fish tanks as you walk in.  Like 10.  Josephine walked into the first cafe in Zhouzhuang and said, "Cool, a pet store."  We were looking at the lunch specials in various tanks.  

The first hotel (Inn?) we stayed at the elder parents cooked us dinner.  Pig Hip and Whitefish.  The fish was incredible but boney as all get out.  So tender and full of taste but each bite was a journey in pickin-bones out of the mouth. 

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