Sunday, September 4, 2011

Play Ball

Friday the 2nd was the opening game for HS baseball.  The SAS Puxi Eagles (us) hosted our crosstown sibling rival the SAS Pudong Eagles.  The pitching was good, fielding fair,  the baseball entertaining as we won 8-1. It was a festive day as there were free hot dogs and pop during the pre game party.  A Canadian run Chinese school creating Americana to the T.  Josephine brought home 3 friends - (Really Bridget helped out a sick mom by watching her kids.)  All of them wandered over to the field after school.  Quinn had to stay after school for PE (Forgot her uniform one day and had to run on the treadmill for an hour as a result.)

Bridget and I sat along the 1st base line and watched the game with Jin Feng Road right behind us and the sounds of Zhudi town chinese all around.  We later got up on the roof of the new classroom building witch runs along the 3rd base line and got a spectacular view of the ball field.  We left after 7 innings, found our kids running around somewhere and went home.

One of the nicest things we've found is that we live a mere 10 minute walk through a chinese village from our school. Being a K-12 campus, the social life there is part of all four of us.  If I stay late at school I'm still home in time for Dinner, homework time after school and maybe a walk through Zhudi Town. Pic is of one of the many canals running through zhudi.  had I brought my fly rod, I'd be on the banks of this place.   I see fisherman on it all the time.  They use these ultra long rods - like 15', and I'll have to report back on the bait.  Not sure I'd eat what comes out of there.  Good place for catch and release.
There are a few teachers that live in our apartment complex but not many.  I don't see my students at the apartments.  There are a lot of Chinese and ex pat business folk there - many with kids, many not.  As a result the home neighborhood community is different from the school community.

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Dylan said...

I love that they make you make up PE class. Man if had the ability to do that my students would be F-I-T. Love It!