Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Josephine is taking tennis lessons

Josephine is taking tennis lesson at a neigboring school through a kids rec program.  She's got a little tennis racket but it fits her well.  This is on Thursday afternoons.  She and Quinn and I took a monster walk in 90 degree heat and 135% humidity to get her there.  I'm not kidding, well maybe hyperbole. It didn't rain but it was so humid it felt like walking through egg yolk.  I had parent teacher conferences that night and was wearing full gear pants, shirt, and tie.  Q & I laid on the grass and watched her lesson for an hour while I worked up a sweat.  Josephine worked up a sweat as well.  Bridget took her by bicycle the following lesson as it really is a bit too far to walk.

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Jenn Matuschek said...

You go Jo! So proud of everything you are trying!!!
love ya!
Aunt Jenn