Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How stuff gets done in China

China sends in the A team for everything all the time.  If a job needs done around here three times as many people as necessary show up and knock it out in record time.  When our computer got stolen - 12 police and security guards were on location.  When we needed the toilet seat installed (needed?) the team of three showed up.  Two showed up to remove hair from our drain.  I've seen 15 gardeners at the school to plant grass pods in a small strip near the school building.  People here talk about how 10 years ago there were no cars in shanghai and only bikes.  You wouldn't believe it now based on the traffic and massive elevated highways.  Apparently these huge highways were built in record time, probably because of the sheer numbers on the work force they had.

Look at the photo below.  This is how my classroom gets cleaned every day.  A team of 3 ayis show up to do the cleaning and trash emptying.  Now I teach high school math.  I don't have any sparkles, or paint, or construction paper cutting remnants, or glue.  I have some eraser rubber on the floor that you would never see and maybe a scrap piece of paper or two.  But this team of three is in there watta boom watta bang every classroom.  Notice the security guard supervising.  I guess he's there to make sure they're working, or  not doing anything they shouldn't.

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