Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

My birthday was last Friday.  Something was planned for me right after school.  Then Quinn got detention (4 tardies!!) and then wanted to go to the Volley ball game with friends and Josephine was invited to a 3-way sleepover.  That left Just Bridget and I and that was just wonderful!  We took a cab to the subway and then downtown.  The cab ride was unique because the driver didn't understand my directions to the Metro Station.  Although far from fluent I'm getting pretty good at saying the word for the the station.  This fellow acted like he'd never heard of it so we showed him on a chinese map - still nothing. So we drive around in circles for a while and he finally asks some people for help.  This happens twice and we finally are heading in the right direction.

Now where we live has only one road to and from the Metro station.  It is an old dirt road with an old bridget that has only one lane.  During the busy part of the day it is PACKED with people, walking, biking, driving, standing, setting up shop to sell their good, dogs, geese, you name it.  This rookie taxi driver apparently is also mr. polite as he let everyone go first over the bridge.  You just don't do that here.  People try hard enough on their own to got first, they don't need any "help" so we sat for a while and visited until he finally got us across the bridge.

Once at the station we had a nice ride downtown, had a drink atop the the glass windowed Rotating 47th floor of the Raddison hotel, and then pizza in pudong.  What a great way to turn 45!


Jenn Matuschek said...

So glad you enjoyed your 35th Rob!!! i guess that means i'm still 37, so what the heck, i'm going to go with it! I'm so impressed with you guys adventuring out all over the place, too COOL!!!

Love and miss you all!
Auntie Jenn

Unknown said...

Sooooo coool! Not so much the tardies, but everything else. Hopefully Quinn hasn't heard about my first foray in the high school world getting in late, and leaving whenever I felt like it--126 absences from Biology!! No wonder I'm into the Chemistry side; I must really not like that other stuff.

Needless to say, I'm stoked to hear they have pizza, as this settles a bet I had with a friend of mine in Seattle, that pizza is truly the world's favorite, most popular food (he won the bet, bee tee dubs). My argument was based on the population of China, and the likelihood that Chinese people are more preferential to Chinese food, which I'm pretty sure Chinese people simply, which is pretty cool.

I've got to remember to check this more often. Great news, and have a good night sleep!

Happy B-Day, Rob!

Bee Tee Darbs

Benny Mac said...

Happy Birthday, I'm a little jealous of you guys. Sounds like you've got a pretty sweet set up, keep up the great posts.