Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Evening

Bridget is out and about.  She had a Dr. Appointment this morning.  That meant taking the bus to the Subway and then to downtown.  Her Appt was at 11:00 AM and I know she want so explore the city.  Josephine's Homework is done, she's watching a movie and Quinn is working on Homework.  I'm watching Zhang (try "jong" with a soft j) finish cooking dinner.  She doesn't speak English but is happy to listen to me ramble on in broken Chinese.  Josephine has made the most progress with her.  It smells great. In here

I came home and took care of a bill and there isn't anything pressing.  No lawn or house to fix.  I played a few games of chess with Josephine before she wanted to watch the flick.  It is my day off of practice, so I have the afternoon free.

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