Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday August 22nd

August 22nd - My parents were married 52 years ago toady!

New day new view.  Quinn did some thinking on her own and concluded she is not a Rugby player after all.  Although try-outs were successful for her last week, she wants to explore other options for now.  There is an activities fair this week and she is excited about what lies ahead.  She also made the decision on her own to continue studying Spanish.  It is good to see her make these on her own although painful to watch her muddle through them.  What a great kid!

I listened to the raw mix of the Cuttbow studio take last night.  I sure miss the band and now a month without any guitar I see the calluses slowly leaving my fingertips.  I've been communicating with Jon and Mike quite a bit and Jon heads to the Master Mixer Wednesday night - very stoked to hear the final cut.  Wish like crazy I had more time to spend on that project and even more..., well, enough said.  Will make sure the final cut is posted on the Cuttbow facebook page and reverbnation.  good Rockin.

Troy says the sprinklers on S Grant St. that I spent way too much time on in June are acting up again.  It is funny to be sitting in Shanghai and thinking about the sprinklers in Englewood.  I woke up the other night thinking, "Oh I'll just dig around the back yard tomorrow and figure out what is wrong."  Then quickly realized that I actually wont be doing that any time soon at all.  Will call in re-enforcements.

There is a powerful  Habitat for Humanity group here that works locally and takes trips all over the world.  It is headed by Rob Burke - Math Teacher and seems to be a pretty strong group.  He has been a great help and inspiration as a teacher for me here these first few weeks.  It is inspiring to see how active this community is here.  In the spring there is a school wide function called China Live which seems pretty similar to the immersions at Challenge.  Various groups go all over China for a week in the spring.

Bridget and I have started a pretty rigorous log for her blood sugars.  We keep it on an xl spread sheet and update daily.  It has been helpful for her and as time goes on we will be able to use it more and more.  She has an appt with an endocrinologist this weekend and that will be the first.  We still are not sure what direction the care here will head.  She has plenty of pump supplies for a few months.

One nice new change is that I am able to eat breakfast with the family before going to work.  It is a mere 10 minute walk to campus.  The school isn't nec alive so early in the morning and much of the morning work can be accomplished at home by computer.  So we wake and I eat a quick meal with the family and then head out a little ahead of the girls. Q, J and I start school at 8:10.  We eat in the same cafeteria although different wings and at different times.  Q and I eat together, or at least at the same time.  I'm still flying by the seat of my pants for these first few days so I haven't had quite enough time to casually eat lunch.

Bridget walks the girls to school and then has some time during the day for herself.  She has taken on some responsibilities for the school - choreographing wiz of oz and editing the elem. school yearbook and so she'll be on campus a bit.  I must have missed her this morning but she delivered a banana to my door handle which I must have forgotten on my way out the door.

It is starting to get a bit cooler in Shanghai - not much - but a bit. It has not been in the high 90's last few days and that is alright by me.


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