Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday August 15th:New Student Orientation at School.....FINALLY

The girls have been so patient and excited waiting to start school and meet new friends.  We are happy this day is here.  Due to some pump malfunctions, it is a high blood sugar day.  bummer.  None the less there is a fancy breakfast of juice, coffee, pastries, and yogurt at the PAC - Performing Arts Center on SAS Campus.  Josephine and Quinn get registered and Rob realizes he forgot to get the girls their medical check ups in the States.  I humbly let Bridget know about this and we find out that she'll need to run around to the  Chinese doctors tomorrow for screening.

Josephine finds out she is in Mr. Fisher's 4th grade class.  He is a new teacher and Josephine already knows all of the new teachers so she is psyched!  Quinn has to spend a good bit of the day taking a math placement test and a foreign language placement test.  She is faced with the difficult decision of whether to continue studying Spanish or to take Chinese at the school or on her own.  Not such a bad dilemma to have.  I'm getting my classroom in order and Bridget has just signed on to do the Choreography for the Wizard of Oz.  Thank god we stopped at the Oz museum 10 miles off of I-70 in nowhere Kansas this summer!!

The food at home is unreal.  Zhang made a chicken rice dish that was so fresh and tasty.  Zhang speaks no English but she and bridget and the google translator have been doing a great job of communicating.  It's good to have Zhang on your side too when the grocery dude is trying to dump an expired jug of milk on you cause she can tell him "Heck NO" in Mandarin.  Zhang's other delights have been a peanut chicken, Pork dumplings, and plenty of stir-fry.  It's a treat.

It's actually Tuesday right now, kind of late.  I just discovered that I can call the states for free using the google chat through gmail.  Nice!  bridget finally got us cell phones today.  We've been relying on the land line and no voicemail for almost three weeks.

Bridget took the girls to get their nails done at some salon in Zhudi.  The came home by the motorized bicycle cab.  There are these guys all over who ride these three wheel semi-motorized bikes and its like a cab.  Our first experience we gave the dude 50 yuan (about $7.50) and we should have given him 5  ($0.75)  So bridget gave him 5 this evening and he tried to explain that it was hard peddling with 3 xtra people.  J & Q don't weigh a thing and the darn thing is motorized....Bridget won that one!!

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