Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kids These Days!!!!

So Quinn pops into my classroom yesterday at the beginning of lunch (about 1:00 PM Shanghai Time) holding her computer open and says, "Dad say hi to Annie."  She turns the computer toward me and her friend Annie says hi to me on skype from Colorado (about 11:00 PM the night before.)  I have a nice little chat with Annie about her freshman year at Regis and tell her to say hi to her dad (what's he think of all this?).  Quinn then runs out of my classroom with her computer still open, Annie still on board, and says "Bye Dad, Annie is going to lunch with me!"

Later I find out that while sitting in her previous class with her lap top open for classwork,  Auntie Jenn buzzes Quinn on skype (Which she had left open) to ask for our address.  Quinn quickly replies.  Then friend Annie skypes Quinn and Quinn tells her "I can't talk now, I'm in class," So Annie tells Quinn to put her on mute so she can watch class.  Annie thus observes Quinn in her class for the next 20 minutes, then joins her to say hi to me and off to lunch.

I don't recall doing that kind of thing in High School.

Although I thought it was pretty cool, I felt obliged to give Quinn a little talking to about inappropriate use of her computer.  What would I do as teacher in that case?  "Quinn, tell your friend from Colorado she's not allowed to watch this lesson on related rates!"

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