Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday August 31, 2011

In classic American style, three generations of Matuscheks sat down for Breakfast in Shanghai with Oma on skype...Look at the computer screen and see her smiling face!  It is nice to have the time to visit. In fact, morning time has become very popular skype time.  The girls skyped Mike, Gina, and Hadley yesterday morning, then during the high school break, Quinn was in my office trying to print something and Auntie Jenn skyped her, so we had a nice chat!  There are some perks to living in the 21st century.

So we bought new phones and with them bought Sim cards from China Mobile to activate the phone.  Then found out that China Unicom has better service so we bought new China Unicom Sim Cards with new phone #'s.  We set up a monthly plan and needed to get more money "on the phone" to do so.  So I went back to the store yesterday and bought "phone cards" which are 50 RMB each ($7.50).  Each card has a passcode on it.  You call China Unicom on your phone and tell them the passcode and they add the cash to your card.  Then you throw the card away.  Mass consumerism! It's cheap...huge internet and phone service for $15 a month and a bunch of used cards.

By the way, the store is this crammed little shop in Zhudi town that sells cigarettes, beer, pop, phones, and phone cards.  The dude there now knows me and my family by face and my chinese is getting better with him.  I think he lives above the shop with his family.  When I was there last night the door front (a large sliding glass door) was open and the windows on the side were wide open (corner shop.)  As I was talking to him an empty water bottle or 2 came flying through the open window followed by children's laughter and I saw little 6 or 7 year olds running away.  The proprietor looked to me as if to say "Are they yours?"  I said no, we both shrugged our shoulders and laughed.  Typical night in Zhudi Town.

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