Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22nd, 2011 Happy Anniversary! Girls are in Spain

Bridget travelled to Madrid on the 16th with Josephine, Quinn, and Marta - our exchange student from Spain during the last three summers. We had an action packed week prior with Bridget leading the charge to pack all post-yardsale belongings into the garage (Many thanks to Lisa, Claire, Duncan, Logan, Dee Ann, Marta, and Ana for helping) and prepare our newly remodeled house for vacancy before heading to Espana.  The Callejo-Sarmiento family has treated them well (Bridget says, "They are like the McShains", which I take to mean a large jovial family with much personality) as they have seen Northern Spain while I've wrapped up things at home.  We checked nine bags at DIA last Saturday (it took a little shoveling in the ticket line to hit exactly 50 pounds each) but still much easier and cheaper than shipping.  Our house is in awesome shape with help from Fr. Ray, Oma and Dee Ann - and Draper who helped me carry all the last minute heavy stuff.  It is finally finished with garage and all after 13 years of home improvement - our tenant, Troy, will have a fine pad!

I managed to squeeze two full days of Cuttbow recording with Jon, Mike, and Jamie and emerged with a fine collection of 10 cuts that will be mixed by them over the following weeks - Very glad to have had that opportunity.

My challenge tomorrow is to pack our remaining necessities - my clothes, a computer, paperwork, and an American Doll, lock up the house, return the car, crash at Oma's, and head to Laguna.

Bridget and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in different continents today.  Sixteen years!!  Just about as hot in Colorado today as it was in Philly in '95 without the humidity though. We all got to skype yesterday -very glad it is 2011 and not 1971!

On Thursday, the girls leave East through Moscow to Shanghai and I leave West from L.A. to Shanghai...very glad the world is round!

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